Monday, August 15, 2011

The Great I Am

New missionaries of The United Methodist Church.
(Photo by Dan Randall, missionary)
May the Great I AM Hear You Deliver You
Protect You

May the Great I AM
Provide for You
Nourish You
Guide You and Lead You

May the Great I AM
Teach You
Train You
Transform You

May the Great I AM
Redeem You
Restore You
Rejoice over You

May the Great I AM
have all of your lives -
all of your faith, hope, and trust,
all of your doubt, anxieties, failures, and shortcomings
that you may know the Great I AM in ever deeper and fuller ways
because the Great I AM - the triune God - was, is,
and will be for you...forever.


Dan Randall, missionary, posted this prayer on his blog. He wrote the prayer for the 26 young adults who are being trained and are about to serve in communities throughout the United States and throughout the world through The United Methodist Church. (Photo by Dan Randall)

In the story of Israel's exodus and exile and relationship with God, "I AM" is the name given to Moses by God in the book of Exodus, and it is a name by which Jews and Christians continue to call on God today, as seen through the stories of the Old Testament.

For more on Dan's reflections, link to:

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