Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Individual Volunteer Training

Photo courtesy of Alice Langehennig
Our recent Individual Volunteer training was held August 1-5, 2012, at the Wasatch Retreat and Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of our volunteers, Terry Langehennig, offers the following reflection.

When thinking about the experiences of Individual Volunteer training, perhaps the most lasting impression will be the remembrance of having worked with such a diverse group of leaders and participants in preparation for our future work, yet being firmly united in our common calling of spreading the word of Jesus Christ to the world. It was truly humbling to discuss and learn how to present the image of Christ through our actions in mission and to keep the servant attitude about us always.

The time spent in learning more about the work of UMCOR and the experience of participating in the ministry of the UMCOR Depot West has helped me to have a better understanding and appreciation for how these organizations assemble and coordinate the activities furthering humanitarian aid. It is a blessing to understand how the simplest of activities, such as folding blankets or sorting pencils, will help someone without such basic comforts and needs. We can all carry this appreciation with us in our mission work.

Individual Volunteers

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