Thursday, September 13, 2012

South Sudan Update

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ to all our friends! What a busy two months this has been! After spending two months in the US, we returned to South Sudan and hit the ground running. We haven’t stopped since.

Just after our arrival, David and Becky Hall from Christ UMC in Chattanooga came for a week. David taught the pastors out of Luke and did leadership training. Becky did some Bible studies with the women and got into some deep discussions about the role of women in the church. David brought a supply of woodworking tools for a man who wants to start vocational training in the school. We’ve never seen a smile as big as when David opened the suitcases and revealed the treasure.

A team of nine from different districts (one even from South Carolina) came and stayed two weeks exploring Covenant Relationships with South Sudan and their churches or groups. They worked hard, learned a lot, and, when they left, took the people of South Sudan in their hearts. It will be interesting to see where God leads them as they process everything.

We have had the opportunity to meet our new Commissioner, H. E. Juma David Augustine. He is a young man with lots of visions and plans for this community and nation. He is quite a forward-thinker and has already accomplished much in the short time he has been in office. He is very much in favor of the government working with the church to improve the lives of the people and bring about a spiritual transformation. We have since met with him a couple of more times to discuss construction of the orphanage, and discussions are still in progress to determine the best location for sustainability projects and future expansion.

The most inspiring event in the past two months involves one of the orphans being supported by Change for Children. Moses, less than two years old, became severely malnourished and sick, so he was taken to the hospital. He was given only basic care, which did not include a proper feeding program. He was still very ill upon discharge from the hospital. IRIS Ministries, a home for children here, agreed to take him and see if they could help him. The doctor there reported that she had seen many children die who were in better condition than Moses. So many prayers were said, much love given, and a feeding program started. Less than two months later Moses is a happy, healthy baby who laughs easily and is trying to walk. Praise God! Miracles do still happen today.

Drs. Lynn and Sharon Fogleman and Libby will contact the hospital here in Yei to determine what can be done to start a feeding program here. We will be teaching nutrition classes in the villages. To enhance this, Steve Hodges and Libby will starting Phase II of Seeds for Sprouts and they will teach the guardians how to grow a nutrition garden.

God continues to move faster than we are able, but as Paul said in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

Grace and Peace,

Fred and Libby Dearing

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