Monday, December 17, 2012

Nothing better in The UMC than the Revive celebration

*A reflection by Albert Longe

A recent national gathering at Revive United Methodist Church, Manila, Philippines, drew thousands of attendees.
Photo by Albert Longe.
MANILA, Philippines – The Revive United Methodist celebration in Manila was an awesome day I will never forget. It represented a revival that the church as whole needs now. I believe there is nothing better in The United Methodist Church than worship and spiritual reflection on our journey to heaven and the welfare of society.
Seeing the thousands of people gathered for worship was an amazing way to learn that the Spirit is still working and can transform the circumstances of our church. God is still at work within The United Methodist Church, and the Philippines presence reminds our church globally to focus on the spiritual welfare of its members.
I was glad to see that people made a commitment to attend. Some traveled long distances to worship and revive the church. “At first,” commented Chief Justice Reynato Puno, the people called Methodists could be easily identified, but now it is proving to be difficult.” Strengthening the Methodist identity should be our passion and commitment. We must restore the concern on social holiness and not be as concerned about being politically correct.
I was happy to be at the Revive United Methodist Church and regret that other people from the United Methodist community could not attend. This was just a start, and I look forward to seeing the same done in other regions. We really need this, and nobody can deny that we must go back to our roots and revive the church. When the church is not revived, our ability to revive the world is limited. Everything is possible, and we must work hard to revive the spirituality of the church.

*Longe is a mission intern initially serving with the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc., a community-development agency in Manila, Philippines.

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