Monday, January 7, 2013

When Our Big, Lazy Butts Get In the Way of the Holy Spirit...

by Whitney Peters

I received a wonderful invitation from my former roommate to go with her to a local hospital for woman and children. Alysha explained we would visit different patients, talk and pray with them, and then give a small packet of needed toiletries. At first, I jumped right on her invitation. "Of course, Alysha, I would love to do that!"

As the day went on I began praying and praying for the next day. However, at the same time, I began having a million doubts. Maybe, this isn't the best idea... I don't want to impose on other people... I already feel uncomfortable... my Spanish is horrible... this is silly. The excuses grew in my brain, yet, I continued praying for strength and the great awareness of the Holy Spirit for the next day.

We entered the first room where eight cribs lined the small room and the moms sitting in hard chairs. I handed out a few of the hygiene packets and I spoke with the mother and precious child right next to me and then prayed with them. Suddenly, I became overwhelmingly aware of God's presence in the room. Despite my discomforts, my laziness, my fear, I suddenly felt I was in the right place.

We each had an opportunity to pray for each patient and I began thinking less about my Spanish and instead feeling more of the Holy Spirit.

We went room to room praying, meeting, and giving to different people. Each room we entered was a difficult sight to see, considering the poor, poor conditions of the hospital. I also thought about how these kids and families have nothing to do while they are here and sometimes they wait days just to see the doctor. Yet, I know God is right there with them whether they realize it or not.

Finally, one of the fellow volunteers asked if I would share a word with the next room of patients. At first I said, "No, gracias". However, as we neared the door I was reminded it's not about my ability to speak- it's all about sharing God's love with these wonderful children of God I am only able to know for a split second. To share that they are special and God is with them through each moment.

I share this story of my fear, judgments, doubts, laziness, discomfort, because I think we have all allowed these thoughts and feelings to get in the way of living a life like Christ. I'm not sharing this visit to the hospital to share a righteous act I accomplished but for us to remember those moments we didn't follow through with something on our hearts because it was outside of our comfort zone.

May God help move YOUR big, lazy butt, too! :)

Whitney Peters is a United Methodist Mission Intern serving in Managua, Nicaragua with Accion Medíca Cristiana, which is an ecumenical organization implementing community development initiatives regarding public health. This blog post is adapted from Whitney’s blog:

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