Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reflection from Phenie Achieng Okidi, Global Justice Volunteer

From July 3 to July 11, 2011, young people from across Africa gathered together in Nairobi, Kenya, to prepare for their eight-week term as Global Justice Volunteers (GJV). Through the GJV program, young adults live and learn with communities that are seeking justice in our world today. GJV is a program of the Mission & Evangelism Program Area and Women's Division of Global Ministries.

In the 2011 Global Justice Volunteers Africa Program, young adults are volunteering with three organizations in Kenya seeking justice around issues related to HIV/AIDS. Below is a reflection from Phenie Achieng Okidi (Kenya) following the orientation and training:

During my training, I learned that justice is God's nature, so any injustice done is first done to God, because justice is the core of God's heart. I learned three main things that the Lord requires of us throughout mission: to do justice, show mercy and loving-kindness, and walk in humility with the Lord.

Phenie Achieng Okidi (left) with Regional Missionary Finda Quiwa
and 2009 Global Justice Volunteer John Atoyo
Photo: Gabriel G. Mungai
I also learned that mission calls us to hear Christ and listen to people's stories in the community we belong to. About theology of mission, I came to realize that it looks at the practical issues about God to His people. My mission as a GJV is integrated, both spiritual and physical.

I hope that, through my training, I shall never be the same again but will create a difference in my society because of the knowledge which has been impacted on me and the experience I will have during my volunteer term.

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