Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reflection from Florence Kadie Lassayo, Global Justice Volunteer

From July 3 to July 11, 2011, young people from across Africa gathered together in Nairobi, Kenya, to prepare for their eight-week term as Global Justice Volunteers (GJV). Through the GJV program, young adults live and learn with communities that are seeking justice in our world today. GJV is a program of the Mission & Evangelism Program Area and Women's Division of Global Ministries.

In the 2011 Global Justice Volunteers Africa Program, young adults are volunteering with three organizations in Kenya seeking justice around issues related to HIV/AIDS. Below is a reflection from Florence Kadie Lassayo (Sierra Leone) following the orientation and training:

This training has really been a blessing to me in raising awareness and to address the root cause of injustices, as the heart of God is the heart of justice and HIV/AIDS in our communities and beyond.

Florence Kadie Lassayo (left)
with Madira Bwaza and Duhimbarwe Lionel
Photo: Gabriel G. Mungai
The video documentary titled "Coming to Say Goodbye" clearly exposed women's vulnerability in society. This tells me I have a great role in addressing the injustices and HIV/AIDS issues globally because, as a Christian, I must contribute to saving lives.

It is interesting to know that about 1.4 million Kenyans are HIV/AIDS carriers, and that women and children are more infected (out of every five persons with HIV/AIDS, approximately three are women).

Having looked at the root causes of HIV/AIDS and injustice, I hope to make a change. I am strongly convinced that if there are laws against discrimination, even distribution of resources and job opportunities will be created for persons living with HIV/AIDS, then the dream of hope will be realized…. And I am persuaded that with the effort of GJV projects, we will make a positive change.

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