Friday, December 16, 2011

Go and Tell!

Rev. Krista Givens, left, met with young people at the California-Pacific Annual Conference.
(photo courtesy of Krista Givens)

This season, we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, God with us! As we celebrate Gods' presence among us, the incarnation of our Lord, we are charged with spreading the Good News. "Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is born!" we sing, but many of us would like to be silent. After the busy-ness of Christmas is over many of us would like to climb into the protective shells of our beds, pull the covers up over our heads and hibernate until Easter. But God calls us to be 'messengers.' That means we GO and TELL!

But, we should be relieved to know, we are not the only messengers proclaiming the glory of God! Gods' amazing work is everywhere! In the ruins of Jerusalem, in the eyes of all nations, to the ends of the earth. Let us proclaim the love of God to the world, and as we do, may we be witness to the world proclaiming Gods' glory to us!

i went to the top of the world
to offer up my prayer.
i came with a collection
of concerns and worries
problems and everyday pains
i went to the top of the world to pray
and instead the world prayed for me.

i heard it in the wind
    pounding in my right ear
    and a gentle guitarsong whistling in my left.
i heard it in the language of the crickets,
    calling and answering from either side of the path.
i heard it in each footstep that followed me,
    or was I following them?
i heard it in the passing of the cars on the highway.
i heard it in the silent tears of strangers.

Rev. Givens writes about God's amazing work.
(photo courtesy of Krista Givens)
i went to the top of the world to pray
and instead,
the world prayed for me.

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