Thursday, December 1, 2011

World AIDS Day: Youth Speak Out

Global Justice Volunteers Africa participants wrote reflections on HIV and AIDS after their experiences volunteering with HIV/AIDs organizations in Kenya. 
Here are prayers, letters, and poems from the volunteers' experiences.

Pauline Kome Odinga, a United Methodist Global Justice
Volunteer, advocates for women's rights and social justice.
(photo by Ake Ble Leon Nathan)


Youth and Young Adults,

I know we are discriminated against, but this is the great moment in the Lord God has given us. 

Let us defend women's rights and defend social injustice all over the world.

I love you all wherever you are. Amen.

Pauline Kome Odinga, Democratic Republic of Congo

Madira Bwaza, Global Justice Volunteer,
leads Bible study. (photo by Gabriel G. Mungai) 


Who am I?
I'm the god and king of the earth.
People fear me though they don't see me physically
And talk about me in every gathering
I break apart families and cause injustices in communities
Leaving orphans and other vulnerable people
Because I am the boss.

I make the fat become slim
I fear no person, even rich, poor, strong, weak
Educated, uneducated, and people of high integrity obey me
Regardless of their position and religion
Even the devil fears me too because my weapon is strong.

I make people suffer in all sorts of lives.
I am tough but nobody can see me
and I make you more beautiful and handsome to spread me.
I feed on blood that fights against other diseases in the body.

Hahaaa! I only obey God.
If you keep far from me, I will keep a distance
But if you come in contact with me, I will deal with you and make you die.

Take care.
AIDS is real.

Madira Bwaza, Uganda

Youth and Young Adults,

This is not the time for crying or weeping but the right moment to raise up our minds because of building a nice and wonderful future.

When we hear from the TV and radios and some friends, we suffer ourselves from injustice, violence, discrimination, and many other issues in the world. We feel sad and disappointed, but this is the moment to defend our right to basic education, to speak, to employment, and to many other opportunities. By the help of God, we are conquerors and winners.

Mwilambwe Shabanza Cadet, Democratic Republic of Congo

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